Muay Thai in Phuket and Bangkok

Nowhere is the Eastern philosophy of Yin and Yang more apparent than in the bustling streets of Bangkok. And this city is regarded as the world center for Muay Thai fighters looking for the best training in this ancient martial art.

But Bangkok is not the only place in Thailand where kickboxing fans can learn this great sport. Training camps are also to be found in Chiang Mai and Phuket, where the World Muay Thai Boxing Championship took place this year.

Even in the midst of satiating worldly desires, as with all things Thai, we find fragments of the sublime. It’s not uncommon to see the secular comfortably enmeshed with the sacred, even in a mundane shopping mall.

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And when one grows weary of the mind-bending variety of goods on offer, one can easily drop into one of the thousands of spas in the city. Little havens of peace and quiet, these offer traditional Thai massages that are an essential part of the tourist experience to the country.

Developed in monasteries nearly 2500 years ago, the techniques initially evolved primarily to relieve muscle ache caused by hours of austerities practiced by Buddhist monks.

Handed down through the years, the massage today comprises skillful manipulation of various body parts to increase blood flow, as well a series of rhythmic stretches that leave one feeling refreshed and renewed.

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A further example of the seamless integration of the cultural and religious with the material, are the floating water markets through one of Bangkok’s many palm-fringed canals are quite a delight. Here one can experience scenes that are colourful and exuberant, if somewhat chaotic at times.

Narrow boats laden high with tropical fruits, exotic flowers and a range of other produce are paddled by crafty ladies, always ready to drive a hard bargain. However with the advent of shopping malls and supermarket chains, floating markets are gradually disappearing. Sadly so, as they offer a fascinating glimpse into the local way of life of a bygone era.

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Whereas Muay Thai may once have been confined to the hallowed grounds of a monastery, today its influence is more widely felt.
En route to our evening dinner, we catch a glimpse of the red carpet premiere of a brand new Muay Thai stage show, starring some of Thailand’s leading actors.

As anticipation for the event mounts, it’s quite clear that Muay Thai is today fashionably trendy. Nowadays Muay Thai is still very popular, not only in Thailand, but in many places around the world. For the young Thais, it has become a part of pop culture. There are movies and live performances made about the sport. Thai celebrities and movie stars open gyms in Bangkok. So I think it’s become very popular and trendy.